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Tuesday, 04 October 2011 11:45


I write these to help you to live better--to be happier, to relate better to others, and to accomplish more. I want you to be successful and to feel successful. Let’s get going and let’s make it so. Self-direction both requires character and develops character. If you want to make a change in schools, for example, you will need a very strong sense of confidence to challenge all the forces that will resist you; but if you do face and overcome all of that resistance, your capacity for self-directed action will be greatly enhanced. This is one of the great advantages of focusing on self-direction; while you pursue the task, you become the person.

To be successful you have to take responsibility for yourself and develop many positive personal characteristics, such as; intention, determination, and courage. Fortunately, those are the very features that pursuing self-directed activities cultivates.

If you develop yourself, your own character and sensibilities, you are also preparing yourself for greater excellence in self-directed activities. In fact, becoming self-directed involves learning to manage yourself. Anything you can do to improve that capacity adds to your self-directing powers.

For Better, Or for Worse?

Unfortunately, self-direction is not necessarily positive. Anyone could become a skillfully self-directed surgeon and save lives or a skillfully self-directed drug baron and destroy lives. That is why personal development--especially the development of values, concern for others, and a sense of quality--are such important aspects of self-direction. They ensure that we are moving toward positive, beneficial, and constructive results.

The pieces that follow are intended to address the practical issues that you face in the development of your personal journey to find out who you can become, what you can accomplish, and the difference you can make in the world.

New articles will be added regularly. We welcome your comments and submissions.

Maurice Gibbons

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