Becoming Self Directed

Wednesday, 12 January 2011 08:12

Section A of this site is devoted to SDL schooling; Section B is devoted to individuals who want to use SDL in their lives.

During the months ahead, a number of activities will be added to this section, roughly in sequence, to guide anyone who wants to become more productive through their own efforts.

The first activity is a quick look at why self-direction is important to you. The second activity is a transparent self-survey to analyze how self-directed you are already. The main purpose of the survey is to introduce the major themes involved in becoming skilfully self-directed and to get you started on them right away. My intention is to make this program as activity based as possible so that you can use it, and so that you can use it with others.

You will soon notice that there are many differences between the themes of SDL for life and the main themes of schooling. We will be focusing on your intentions, not mine. The emphasis will not be on content and testing your mastery of it. Rather, the emphasis will be on you taking action that will lead to more effective productivity. Any assessment we do will be to find the ways we can improve the process you are using and to improve your performance. You will also notice a number of items on the survey refer to aspects of character; that is because certain personal traits are essential for becoming a successfully productive person. Remember, the two surveys are for your eyes and your use only.


When you have completed the test, summarize your results. Future activities will develop the themes introduced in the test, but you do not need to wait for them. Consider what you might do on your own to develop those aspects that need work.

Enjoy! Let’s have some fun becoming more productive. Moving forward always feels good.

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